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Momocurly Workshops

2h - 4500¥/pers

Up to 5 people/group

Sign up as soon as you can, there are limited seats.


Come with us to study music production, and recording techniques, have fun with the tape manipulation sessions, and on the other topic to come. We also introduce Momocurly's Combo Workshop! Let's practice and study together different genres of music to prepare a set for upcoming live performances. We'll play, study and analyze Jazz, Soul, RnB, Rock, and other modern music. Feel free to submit topics too.


Music Production

Let's study: Recording Techniques, Production, Mixing, Mastering


Modern Music Workshop

Let's play together: Pop, RnB, Rock...


Jazz Workshop

Let's play the jazz together


All instruments welcome, send us mail if you're interested, more details to come soon.